Winter Time Basic Recovery Gear Maintenance

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Take care of your gear, and it will take care of you!

It's winter time, and that means snow, mud and water for the majority of the country.  It also means more rigs are getting stuck and recovered!  Have you ever had a tow strap or shackle fall in the mud only to have it crusty and stinky next time you need it?  Well, taking care of your gear is quick and easy, and it will ensure it lasts a lifetime!

Tow Straps

Tow Straps are very commonly used to pull stuck vehicles out of mud and snow, so they tend to get wet, dirty and muddy.  I've been guilty of ignoring a muddy strap, and when I went to use it again, it was a crusty, muddy mess!  If you have a dirty or muddy strap, throw it in a bucket of warm, soapy water to loosen the dirt, then hose it off and hang it to dry.  That way, it will roll up, work perfect, and smell good the next time you need it! Use the same method with Tree Savers!

Shackles & Hitch Receivers

The GearAmerica Shackles have a great coating to reduce corrosion, but sand, mud and grit can get in the threads making it hard to use if ignored. Make sure you remove the pin from the shackles and clean the threads on the pin and the shackle.  Use a toothbrush if the grit is stubborn.  Wipe it dry, then let them sit for a bit to make sure those threads are completely dry.  Apply a small amount of WD-40 or anti-seize to the threads, and reassemble.  Your shackles are ready to go! Don't forget to clean, inspect and lube your Shackle Hitch Receivers too!

Snatch Block

All GearAmerica Snatch Blocks are serviceable and greaseable. If your snatch block is muddy, first hose off the mud and grime, then tear it down for a deep clean.  Remove the retainer clip from the main cylinder, slide off the plates and pulley, inspect all parts and clean with soapy water.  Dry completely, reassemble, and grease up the zerk fitting.  You can also check out our YouTube video for step-by-step instructions!

Kinetic Recovery Rope and Soft Shackles

For Synthetic lines, like the GearAmerica Kinetic Recovery Rope and Soft Shackles, put them in a bucket with warm, soapy water. Push the braids together, opening them up so dirt and sand can fall out of the fibers. Once the fibers look clean, drain the dirty water and refill with clear water and rinse. Hang dry and your Kinetic Recovery Rope and soft Shackles are back in action! This process also works for synthetic winch line!

Ready to go!

With your gear all clean and dry, you are ready for the next recovery!  Remember, take care of your gear, and it will take care of you.  Keeping it clean and tidy means you can count on your gear when you really need it.  GearAmerica will always stand behind our products with out industry-leading Lifetime Hassle-Free Replacement  Warranty. Now, go off-road, use your gear in the winter conditions, and don't will clean up just fine!

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