Frequently Asked Questions

What is the exact  measurement  for the Mega Shackles?
     Length: 4.75 inch
     Width: 3.5 inch
     Shackle Opening: 1.37 inch

    What is the exact measurement for the UBER shackles?
           Length: 5.75 inch
           Width: 3.87 inch
           Shackle Opening: 1.25 inch
        What is the exact measurement for the D Ring shackles?
               Length: 4.75 inch
               Width: 3.5 inch
               Shackle Opening: 1.37 inch
            What material is it made of? - Shackles, Snatch Block and Hitch Receivers
                   Shackles and Snatch Blocks: Forged Carbon Steel
                   Hitch Receiver: Aircraft-grade Aluminum
                GearAmerica Recovery Bag Dimension?
                       19 x 9 x 9 inches
                    What is the difference between MBS and WLL?
                           MBS (Minimum Breaking Strength) - this is the number given to the lowest break in the testing.  We conservatively rate our products to ensure the safest, most consistent products last a lifetime.  For example, the MBS of the Uber Shackle is 80,000 pounds.  That means of all the Uber Shackles we tested and broke, 80,000 pounds is the Minimum Breaking Strength provided. Some may have been stronger, but NONE have been weaker.
                      WLL (Working Load Limit) is the safe workload for regular use under normal conditions. This is where the math comes in to comply with industry standards.
                      The WLL is a fraction of MBS, the ratio is called the Safety Factor. Getting the Uber Shackle again as a sample, the Safety Factor of the Uber Shackle is a ratio of 4:1. Simply divide the MBS by 4 so you can get the WLL which is 20,000 lbs. Safety Factors in the rigging industry range from 2:1 to 6:1 depending on the product and the potential for safety risk.
                      You can also visit our youtube video to know more about the difference between MBS and WLL. 
                        How to grease up your Snatch Block?
                               Any type of grease can be used for your Snatch Block and you can visit our video tutorial on the proper way on how to service your Snatch Block
                            Am I eligible for your Veteran/Military/First Responder Discount?

                                    Yes!  We use GOVX

                                    Setting up a GOVX account is the primary requirement to avail our Military/Veteran/First Responder discounts 
                                   GOVX discount code will show up as soon you checkout on your order but  please don’t hesitate to contact us if you will experience any technical issue

                                How can I apply as a wholesaler?
                                        Please fill out this form for your wholesale application request.