Outdoor Activities To Do This Fall

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The weather is starting to cool, and leaves are going to begin changing colors or falling off the trees if they haven’t already. As the seasons change from autumn to winter, your list of outdoor activities change too. While the beach will still be beautiful, showing up in long pants and a jacket somehow just doesn’t seem as fun. With that being said, the changing of seasons doesn’t have to be the end of fun. There are plenty of things you can do this fall and winter to keep busy and have a great time.


Unless you live somewhere that doesn’t get very cold, the fall is probably the last season you’ll be able to go camping. Generally speaking, fewer people go camping in the fall than they do in warmer months, meaning you’ll probably have your pick of the litter when it comes to campsites, and you’ll probably score a discounted price, too. It doesn’t matter which state you’re in, there are campsites, RV sites, outdoor resorts, and more awaiting your arrival!


Whether you have a green thumb, or you’ve never planted a seed in your life – planting bulbs in autumn can present you with a spring to remember. It’s all right if you’re not into flowers, planting fruits and vegetables in the fall can result in tasty treats next spring and summer.


Much like camping, national parks usually experience a significant drop in crowds during the fall. While there’s tons of fun and adventure to get into during the summer, going in the fall certainly has its perks. As the leaves change, heading out to a national park can provide you with breathtaking views, vibrant colors, and fewer attendees to photo bomb your pictures!


Summer isn’t the only time you can get delicious fresh fruits and vegetables. While it’s true that some fruits, such as strawberries, will only be available in summer, fall, too, can be a great season to pick fruits. Apples, for instance, are in abundance during fall months, and there’s nothing like apples straight off the tree, or fresh apple cider and donuts.


Off-roading in the fall isn’t all that different from the summer time, other than you may experience muddier terrain due to more precipitation. If you’re a year-round adventure seeker and you’re not ready to give up your favorite pastime to go pick apples - don’t!

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