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Snatch Blocks! Which one and why?

Snatch Blocks! Which one and why?

Chris Jurden |

Snatch Bock Necessity.

The Snatch Block is a must-have for any recovery gear kit.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to uses and function.  Whether you are using it to self-recover, change directions, pull someone else out, or double the pulling power of your winch, the Snatch Block is a tool that everyone should have in their rig. I think we all agree on this.

All Snatch Blocks are NOT created equal.

This is a statement that needs to be broken down from two angles.  First, GearAmerica does extensive research & development, as well as industry-leading testing before production, and on every batch of gear that is ready for sale to insure the highest quality and most accurate strength expectations.  Second, each GearAmerica Snatch Block has distinct differences that set them apart from the others.  Let's dive into this!

The GearAmerica 9 Ton Snatch Block

The 9 Ton is the original Snatch Block from GearAmerica.  It has exceeded the expectations set forth, and continues to be an amazing product.  With two steel places, greaseable zerk fitting, and smooth operation, it is a tool that will last a lifetime.  It is also the basic form of the Snatch Block. Nothing too fancy, just a great tool to get the job done. Accepts Steel or Synthetic up to 3/8".

The Mega Snatch Block

The Mega is the champion when it comes to strength and capacity.  Whether you have a stuck Jeep, or need to assist in a heavy equipment recovery, the Mega is the leader when it comes to capability.  With an unprecedented 50,000 pound MBC, and 25,000 WLL, there really is no comparison.  It's heavy.  It's heavy duty. Period.  You can use steel cable or synthetic rope with the Mega, but if you use steel cable, DO NOT use synthetic rope after.  Heavy loads can scratch the spool when steel cable is used, and that can damage a synthetic rope. Accepts Steel or Synthetic up to 5/8".

The Ultra Snatch Block

The Ultra is a game changer when it comes to light weight strength, with half the weight and double the capacity of standard snatch blocks. All aluminum construction and full serviceable, the Ultra as an amazing 40,000 pound max capacity and 20,000 work load rating! Now, this is where the differences really start.  The Ultra was specifically designed to work with Synthetic Soft Shackles and Synthetic Winch Lines.  It has smooth edges, tight tolerances, and tabs built in to prevent use of steel shackles that can damage the aluminum. It is a thing of beauty. There really is no comparison. Accepts Synthetic Line up to 5/8".

Choose wisely or chose TWO! (or three!)

While the 9 Ton, Mega, and Ultra Snatch Blocks are different in weight and work load, they are all at the top of their segment in the industry.  If you're like me, and drive a Jeep with synthetic winch line and carry soft shackles, the Ultra may be the best choice for self recoveries.  However, what about assisting others?  Many people run steel cable and may not have a snatch block, so I carry a 9 Ton & a Mega with me as well.  I know my Ultra will only be used for synthetic, but I am prepared for steel if needed!

The Little Brother (only in size!)

Let's not forget the Smart Snatch Block!  This little powerhouse is designed for the UTV and ATV community, but has capacities that can work with small trucks and SUV's as well!  At only 6 inches in length, it looks small, but boasts a 24,000 Max Capacity and 12,000 pound work load! Accepts Steel or Synthetic up to 7/16"

What will work for YOU?

Now that you have the basics on the Snatch Blocks from GearAmerica, it's up to you to decide what you will need. I choose to carry three total.  The Ultra for my needs, and the 9 Ton and Mega just in case I need a double pull or have a rig that runs steel cable.  Take a mental inventory of your rig, your usual off-roading buddies, and possible scenarios you can run into, and prepare for the worst.  Remember...its always better the have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!


Winching and vehicle recovery uses heavy duty gear under extreme loads.  Always go slow, double and triple check your connections and surroundings and wear gloves.  Recovering a vehicle is important, but not nearly as important as the safety of the people involved. As Always, Off-Road Smart, and Tread Lightly!