How your purchases help kids with cancer

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GearAmerica and St. Jude

in 1962, Danny Thomas opened St Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN.  For over 70 years, St Jude has been the world-recognized leader in advances for the treatment for cancer in kids.  They never slow down, then never stop. This kind of selfless tenacity is why we at GearAmerica, donate to them with EVERY purchase made.

No Cure?

Not quite yet, but St Jude is working tirelessly to find cures and advance treatments. The research done, steps taken and relentless pursuits have put them on the path to CURE at least 60% of children with the 6 most common kinds of cancer by 2030.  

Why do we donate?

Here's the deal.  We, at GearAmerica, have kids.  We are fortunate to have healthy, crazy, strong kids. We worry about them falling off bikes, scraping knees or catching a cold.  As parents, we are lucky, and we understand that there are parents out there who spend 24 hours a day and every penny they have caring for their children with cancer. This is a fight no parent or child should have to cope with alone, so we donate to ease the financial burden, and contribute to research. As a dad, I cannot imagine what it must be like to fight this fight.

How can you help?

If you're reading this, chances are you have either purchased GearAmerica products, or are considering them. You can help by joining GearAmerica Nation and letting us take care of your recovery gear needs.  That's it!  We will take care of the rest!  The more we sell, the more we donate.  Period.

Got kids?

If you do, you understand.  If you don't you might someday, and you'll understand. Sickness and death are a part of being human.  Though tragic at any time, we are better at coping with a grandparent passing than a child.  Some kids get dealt a rough hand to start their lives. All kids deserve a chance to worry about their own kids someday! That's why St. Jude Children's Research Hospital exists, and that’s why GearAmerica has chosen to help them in their fight.

Want to do more?

These kids and their families need more help than you can imagine, and if you'd like to donate more, just click the St. Jude logo on our main page to give a little or a lot. Be a part of something amazing. Thank you all for being a part of GearAmerica Nation, and helping find a cure with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

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