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Hey! Who's the New Guy?

GearAmaerica recover gear,  Shackle, tow strap, kinetic rope soft shackles made in the usa lifetime warranty

Chris Jurden |

Hello GearAmerica Nation!  Today marks the start of a new chapter in the GearAmerica story! My name is Chris, and I am joining the Social Media and Marketing Team here at GearAmerica!  What an amazing time! New, innovative products made int the USA, great customers and a great big world to explore with all of you!


My wife, kids, dogs and I are outdoor and off-road enthusiasts. We lived in the Great Northwest for years, and have had out share of mud, snow and rain.  About 6 years ago, we decided to pack up everything into a moving truck, hook up a trailer with a Jeep, followed by a loaded long bed pickup, and headed south to the desert. Now we live in the desert outside of Phoenix, and spend most of our time exploring the Southwest OFF the beaten path. 


A couple years ago, I came into contact with Harris and Roger at GearAmerica, and quickly realized this was going to be a lasting relationship.  We made various YouTube Videos over at Bold Canyon Outdoors featuring GearAmerica products, and quickly grew our relationship into photography, reviews and testing.   

I run in off-road circles down here in the desert that host trail cleanups, charity runs and raffles.  Working with Roger and Harris to sponsor these events really made is realize there is way more for us to do, and we are better as a team.  So here I am, a crazy Jeep guy with his wife, kids ands dogs, exploring the wilds of the Western United States, putting together content for an amazing company. 

GearAmerica is growing and expanding, and new innovative products are in development and coming down the line.  Keeping the off-road community equipped with the best and safest recovery gear is priority one for us.  Whether you need a full recovery kit, pair of extreme duty shackles, a tree saver, or Kinetic Rope made right here in the USA, we’ve got you covered. 


Get ready! There’s amazing things in the works here at GearAmerica.  I can’t tell you all the secrets yet, but you need to subscribe to the YouTube Channel over at and our Instagram Page at for all the latest news and information. New content, products, events, contests and more.  Each week we will also have new information direct to your inbox, a couple new blog posts a month at, and as much YouTube content as I can get uploaded!  

We appreciate and value each of you, and want to know about your off-road adventures and GearAmerica recovery gear use. Get out there, have fun, be safe and make sure to upload your videos here: