What Essentials Do You Need to Take Along When Off-Roading?

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No matter the type of set up on your ride, or how confident and experienced you are as a driver, you’re going to run into problems now and again when off-roading. The important part isn’t to try and avoid mishaps and problems; it’s how you deal with them when they inevitably occur.

As Drake said, “I was born to make mistakes, not to fake perfection.” That being said, here are a few must-have pieces of equipment every off-roader should keep close.

A Few Solid Boards

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to change a tire on the soft, muddy ground? If so - count yourself lucky. Fixing a flat isn’t all that bad when you’re working on solid ground, but if your vehicle is sitting in mud and you need to put a jack underneath, you’re in for a real struggle. A few sturdy boards can provide you with a solid surface on which to place your jack so you can change your tire.

A Portable Jump Starter

Charging your battery used to require another vehicle and a pair of jumper cables. Now, thanks to modern technology, you can carry around a portable lithium-ion battery that can get your vehicle started all on its own. Get something durable and affordable, and make sure you keep it charged.

A Set of Hand Tools

Your vehicle is going to be experiencing a lot of vibrating, jostling, and bumping while you’re off-road, and that kind of movement can, and will, cause things to come loose from time-to-time. The last thing you want is for your off-road trip to come to an early end because you didn’t bring a wrench.

A Recovery Kit

Everyone gets stuck sometimes. If it hasn’t happened to you yet – it will. That’s why you should always bring a quality recovery kit with you when you go offroading. You can pick up one of GearAmeria's Ultimate Recovery Kits (which includes everything you need to get unstuck and get back on… er – off, the road) or make sure that the following gear is always in your 4x4: a tow or snatch strap, a tree saver, a heavy-duty snatch block pulley, a couple D-rings or soft shackles, a winch line dampener bag, and a pair of recovery gloves. Don’t let your off-roading adventure end early because you went unprepared, these few simple tools can make – or break – your trip.

If you choose to go with a GearAmerica product, you'll get quality you can rely on and the peace of mind of our no-hassle replacement if anything ever goes wrong with it.

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