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Does What You Wear On The Trails Matter?

Does What You Wear On The Trails Matter?

Roger Bobrock |

Probably the last thing you think about before hitting the trails is what you wear. With all the gear and modifications that we make to our vehicles, many of us may not be considering this important basic. We load up our Jeep with all the supplies we need for the day, pick a trail, and hit the road never considering what should be considered a basic.

In reality, no matter what we choose to wear, we are going to get dirty and probably rip something. But at times we do our best to stand out with a fashion choice or two. With that being disclosed, we also know that part of being prepared is thinking of the gear beyond the mechanics and the “toys” we pack along. Here are some things to consider before heading out.

The Basics

By definition, off-roading translates as rugged. Taking to the trails in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt may be comfortable, but not always a wise choice. Durable clothing is essential not only for your protection but also due to the wear and tear that you will put your clothes through. Every item should fulfill a need, perform a specific function, not follow a trend, or a particular sense of esthetics. Having items like a sturdy layering shirt or jacket can help protect you if the weather takes an unexpected turn. What you bring along with you depends on the various environments and conditions you will encounter.

Choosing Your Off-Road Gear

Aside from choosing clothes that you are comfortable in, consider finding clothes that are performance-related. We recommend moisture-wicking clothing. When possible go for natural fabrics. These have been available to us for centuries and have proven their value time and time again. Outside our western world, they are still the only ones most people use and perform perfectly for them, even those living under very harsh conditions. They are highly breathable, great when it comes to insulation and absorption and feel better on our skin, no synthetic fabric can match. This is why it is fair to say that many of us already have most, if not all, we need to travel inside our own closets. Shirts, sweaters, pants, gloves, jackets, made of those fibers.

Chances are you are going to have to work on the vehicle at some point on an adventure so we also recommend having along a good jumpsuit or protective garment to keep the grease and grime off your clothes. You can pick these up at any auto parts store.

Making the right choice of what you put on our feet is just as important. Aside from the obvious safety factor, good sturdy shoes will not only protect your feet, but also make it easier when you have to get out of the Jeep and get yourself out of a sticky situation. Another good thing to have with you is several pairs of socks. If you are jumping in and out of wet conditions, not having wet feet can make or break the comfort of the ride home.

Don’t Forget The Accessories

Sunglasses and a hat or cap will help protect your eyes and face from the sun’s intense rays, especially if you are out in the desert or on the dunes. A beanie-style cap will help you keep warm in cooler spring and fall temperatures. Consider bringing along gloves to keep your hands warm in the cooler season. Remember to pack along a good pair of work gloves as well. These should be designed to maintain your grip while allowing you to get the work done.

GearAmerica was created to get you out of tough situations. While we don’t carry the clothes you need, the importance of having the right clothes with you can help make your off-road experience a positive one. Pack light, but pack the important items you will need so you can enjoy what you came out to experience.