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Chris Jurden |

Hot Weather Is Here for the Season!


Well, it's here.  The temps are officially at triple digits here in the Arizona desert! I know not everyone lives in this kind of heat, but summer heat doesn't have to be in the hundreds to be harmful.  In fact, most heat related emergencies happen well under 100 degrees, so it's good to be prepared. This means you and your vehicle!  Here's some basic tips to keep you cool and healthy when the sun is beating down.


Water is everyone's friend!


Let's face it...the easiest thing to do is also the most overlooked.  Drinking water is the easiest was to combat heat exhaustion and dehydration, but when we are having fun in the sun, most people either forget to drink water, or don't drink enough.

So how much should you drink?  The average human needs about 32oz of water every two hours.  So the easy way to say it is a gallon for 8 hours. Most day trips we go on can last 6-8 hours, so we always bring a gallon per person, plus several extra bottle for dogs and emergencies. BEER AND SODA DON'T COUNT! Sorry!


You're not the only one suffering!


Drivers passengers and pets are not the only ones suffering in the heat.  Your vehicle and gear can also pay the price. Always give your vehicle a quick inspection before going out, including oil and coolant levels, as those keep the engine cool and running right!

Treat your vehicle like a member of the family, and bring extra water and oil just in case! Also be sure to check tire pressure and condition (even the spare!), as well as belts and hoses if your rig isn't driven frequently.


Lightweight Preparedness


Yes, water is heavy, but we all agree it is necessary. There are, however a few items you should throw in the kit in case of an emergency.  If you get stuck or break down sometimes walking out becomes the only option.  Make sure you have a lightweight long-sleeve shirt and a hat with a bill to cover your face. (A wide brim to cover your neck is even better!)

Keeping your skin protected from the elements is a must when it's hot out. 


Be a swamp cooler!


Sweating is a good thing! Assuming you have enough water, go ahead and SWEAT!  Sweat is a natural air conditioner, and acts like an old fashioned swamp cooler to keep YOU cool!  Yes, it may seem a bit uncomfortable, but that sweat evaporates and as it turns from a liquid to a vapor, it cools you down! Let nature do it's thing.


Remember, JUST GO SLOW!


When you get hot, keeping your heart rate normal and moving at an average or slow pace is a must.  The last thing you need is to generate internal heat to go with the external heat.  In a worst case scenario, we humans tend to panic and speed up.  Thats where the old adage of "keeping a cool head" come in to play. Be like your rig playing in the rocks and remember, when in doubt, put it in 4 low and crawl out!


Use the right tools for the job


If you are out and get stuck or stranded, put all these tips into play.  Stay hydrated, keep a cool head, and assess your situation.  Most recoveries can be performed with minimal stress and maximum safety if you go slow and easy!

Your brain, your hand tools, and your GearAmerica Recovery Gear are the best tools to have in a sticky situation...especially when its HOT out!