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Protect Your Most Valuable Assets...YOUR HANDS!

Protect Your Most Valuable Assets...YOUR HANDS!

Chris Jurden |

Tools and Gear

We all agree that having at least the minimum of necessary tools, as well as GearAmerica Recovery Gear is important for any off-road excursion.  This goes for short trips or long outings, because you never know when a recovery will pop up.  It's easy to remember the straps, shackles etc, but there's something that often gets overlooked...GLOVES!

Gear Maintenance

In a previous post, I talked about Gear Maintenance.  We like to take care of our gear so we can get years of good use out of it.  Well, that same statement is true for your hands.  If you don't take care of your hands, having all the best gear in the world won't help you.  Having a good set of GearAmerica Recovery Gloves is all about gear maintenance and protection for the most valuable gear in your kit...your HANDS!

GearAmerica Rigging & Recovery Gloves

Here at GearAmerica, we put a lot of thought and design into our Recovery Gloves. They are constructed in a way to protect your hands, plus stay cool and lightweight so they are easy to maneuver and use for any task. Let's take a look at what sets them apart.


The top of all fingers and the thumb are protected with rubber impact guards.  No more knuckle-smashing!  Be confident in every task knowing those fingers are protected on top!


Reinforced wear points on the grip areas as well as all fingertips insure great grip and long life in any conditions.  Padded impact guards on the butt of the palm also aid in comfort and protection for those tough jobs that require a little extra force.


High Visibility Safety Orange makes the gloves ideal for hand signal while spotting or giving directions.  The ventilated backs keep them cool and flexible, so your hands are comfortable.

It's so simple!

The GearAmerica Recovery Gloves are a small investment with a huge benefits!  Built right to protect your most valuable assets, covered by our Lifetime Hassle-Free Replacement Warranty, and 10% of proceeds goes to St Jude Children's Research Hospital!  It's an easy decision!

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