What is the strongest recovery point on your vehicle?

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What is a recovery point?


Let's start here.  What defines a recovery point?  A true recovery point is a spot on a vehicle that can support the weight of the vehicle when being towed or pulled.  These points are usually frame-mounted, like a shackle mount on a steel bumper, or a tab underneath the front or rear end with a solid hook or loop. Most vehicles have a spot somewhere...just in case they need a tow or basic street recovery.  For some street cars, however, there may be no recovery point at all, which is why you see tow trucks use large hooks to snag the axle or suspension of a car and drag it away.

But that's not US!

Luckily, we are the group of people that drive off-road vehicles, and if you're reading this, you may have some experience with vehicle recovery or at least be in the market for the right gear!  If you are not familiar with your recovery points, take a good look around your rig, and underneath near the front and rear end. There should be a hook, frame-mounted loop or other provision like this: 

What is the BEST option?

Did you spot it? Maybe...maybe not. The tow hitch receiver is the best, strongest, safest option for a recovery point on a vehicle.  It is securely tied into the frame, and it's tow rating is only limited by the horsepower, suspension and weight of the vehicle, so it is STRONG.  Using your hitch receiver is the best option when it comes to a vehicle recovery.  Now, off-road recoveries can have vehicles in precarious or inconvenient positions, so it's not always the easiest point to use, but if given the option, it is the strongest and safest.

Using the hitch receiver to your advantage

The best way to use the hitch receiver is with a GearAmerica Hitch Mount with a hard shackle or soft shackle. this way you have a frame-mounted, closed-loop recovery system that's centered and designed for towing. Maybe you are using your winch to recover a stuck or disabled rig? Well, winch to their hitch if possible! Keeping that recovery as safe as possible is always the goal!

Are YOU geared up?

The Hitch Receiver Mount is a must have for your recovery gear kit.  You may not always use the hitch receiver in recoveries, but knowing the strongest, safest tool is at your disposal will give you and your group peace of mind.  Now get out there and have some fun!





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