GearAmerica GOLD Ring: Using A Snatch Recovery Ring

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The Gold Standard in Off-Road Recovery

The GearAmerica Gold Ring is here!  The Gold Ring is a Snatch Recovery Ring, and works much like a Snatch Block to assist in winch recoveries. Like any other snatch block or pulley, the Gold Ring gives you a mechanical advantage and increases the flexibility of use when winching. 

How Does The Gold Ring Work?

The Gold Ring, being a pulley, works by reducing the amount of force needed to move an object.  Keep in mind, if you use a pulley simply to lift something (single line) it only allows a direction change (you can pull down on a rope to lift something up). When winching, most pulls are a double line pull, which means the winchline goes out to a pulley, then back to anchor on the vehicle. This is a double line up and one back. A double line pull provides the mechanical advantage.

What is Mechanical Advantage?

Mechanical advantage occurs when you use a simple machine to assist in reducing work load.  The Gold Ring (pulley), when used in a double line pull increases mechanical advantage by reducing the amount of force needed to recover your vehicle.  This is accomplished by maintaining the full pulling power of the winch, but reducing the line speed by half, which means you are using all the power for half the work.  A snatch ring DOES NOT increase the pulling power of your winch. It simply gives a mechanical advantage to use greater force at lower speed. If a winch has a 9500lb capacity, it will always have a 9500lb capacity, but pulleys can decrease the workload by two or three times (with more pulleys).

How to use your Gold Ring

The Gold Ring is designed to be used with synthetic soft shackles and synthetic winch line.  It is aluminum and has no moving parts.  To set up your Gold Ring, wrap a tree save or strap around a fixed object, then attach the Gold Ring to it using a soft shackle.

Next, pull out your winch line, and wrap it around the Gold Ring. Then take the winch hook and attach it back to an anchor point on the vehicle.  If you need more line, use another tree saver or tow strap as a line extension.  Make sure it is a strap with no elasticity. GearAmerica Tow Straps and Tree Savers work great for this.

Always use a winch damper, regardless of what kind of winchline you use. Remember, winching and recovery uses heavy-duty parts under extreme loads, so keep people and animals out of harms way by staying back out of harm's way. Proceed with caution, and let the winch and Gold Ring do the work!

Gold Ring Versatility

Self recovery isn't the only use for the Gold Ring.  Many times there are situations where a disabled vehicle needs a tug, but there is no way to get a straight line out to them.  Use the Gold Ring to change direction of a pull by redirecting the winchline and positioning it for a safer recovery. 

The Gold Ring Advantage

The GearAmerica Gold Ring is the perfect addition to your off-road recovery kit.  It has no moving parts to wear out. It is machined from a single billet of 6061 aluminum, so it will never rust.  The special gold anodizing creates a slick finish to last a lifetime. Boasting a 48,000 LB ultimate strength, you can use it worry-free in any recovery.  All of this is backed by the GearAmerica Lifetime Hassle-Free Replacement Warranty...the BEST warranty in the industry!

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